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April 3rd, 2009 Holy week in Perú


semana-santa-ayacuchoThe Holy Week in the Christian world is the time where the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth are commemorates which posses a deep connotation between faithful of all parts of our world.


In Perú specifically in the Andean World the celebration of this event is with colorful and great fervor; depending of the custom and tradition of celebration.


In Cusco, Ayacucho and also Huaraz and Tarma, Is possible to observe this great celebration

En Perú podemos observar estas celebraciones con gran esplendor en Cusco, Ayacucho y también Huaraz y Tarma (la perla del Ande).

Cusco the millenary city life this celebration with greats faith, population overturns to the street all Monday of Holy week, the devotion by the Taitacha 1 of the tremors (In the first time call Lord of the good death, change his name to Lord of the Tremors when Cusco had suffered in 31 may of 1650 a earthquake that destroyed many houses and temples and the population extract in procession the figure of the Lord of Tremors and end the natural movements). During the celebration of Holy week the typical food is presented.

senor-de-los-tembloresThe Celebration of Holy Week is lived with big emotion by population of Ayacucho city. The celebration begin on Sunday of branches with the traditional entrance call Chamiza (after noon), beasts of burden and donkeys enter loading chamiza (kind of plants), it will be deposit near at the Cathedral to burn on Sunday of glory, day that end the celebrations.

Holy Week in Perú have his own characteristic and his own way of living, is a mix of beliefs but all directed to the faith to get a better place for live.