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March 1st, 2009 Ther international festival of vendimia of Ica


vinoThe Festival of Vendimia is a festivity which is celebrated in the region of Ica, to south of Lima, in the second week of March. This holiday celebrates the abundance of grape and the excellent quality of wines that are produced in this zone and are considered to be the best in the whole Peru.


misThe festival lasts approximately for a week and during the celebration there are many folklore and cultural activities: fairs, contests of allegoric cars, festivals of music, also there are many national and international artists, contests of northern marinara (a typical dance in the coast), championship of Sandboard, gastronomic contests, and a visit to bodegas of the valley. One of the principal attractions there is the election and coronation of the Queen of Vendimia.





In the festival of Vendimia there is an opportunity to taste “cachina” a typical beverage that is produced from grape and is similar to wine. Nowadays this celebration attracts people from the all over the world and joins them regardless their social class to share happiness and amusement.




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